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Reeracoen Recruitment Co., Ltd

HRBC accelerated overseas business

"After introducing HRBC, we can improve work efficiency, and focus on core tasks." Reeracoen Recruitment in Thailand, Mr. Noguchi.

A website with Modern functions targeted for overseas job-seekers

“ABROADERS CAREER” is a website that publishes almost 10000 job offers for Japanese job seekers in nine countries across Asia. They are a part of Neo-Career group and representing Reeracoen and their job offers but also accumulating job offers from many other HR agencies. Some companies offering jobs post their offers based on a contract with ABROADERS CAREER. “Our main focus is to gather all offers for Japanese workers in Asia in one place.” Says Mr. Noguchi. The website also releases useful contents such as a Q & A for overseas job seekers and other contents that will help to solve their questions and anxiety.
The difference between a regular HR website and this one is, “Most websites are made for jobseekers and start by choosing a region they would want to work in, but the truth is not many people know the actual difference between working in Thailand or Vietnam. Our company uses the main stream data to recommend a job offer that the job seeker may be interested in.” Mr. Noguchi explains.
The web system memorizes the job offers that the users have shown interest in in the past, and when there is a similar job offer, the job listing is randomly displayed on the website or sent to the users by email. The new system was released in January 2016 and now it is promoting the website using listing ads. The access rate is about 20,000 to 30,000 and already has almost 1000 users registered.
“We are going to concentrate on increasing the number of registered users for the time being. For clients and corporates using our services, we are thinking of adding a management screen so they can maximize the website for their hiring needs.”

Cultivate needs for clients and job seekers using web contents

GLOBAL WATCH is a news media targeted at upper management and HR department managers working in Asia. The media contents are; “Daily HR news”, “Overseas original features” and “Data download services”. In “Daily HR news”, HR related news selected from throughout Asia including Japan. “Overseas original features” is a content created and distributed by each of the offices of Reeracoen taking turns, sharing useful information such as consumer price index or company welfare information. Job application form templates and information on “successful hiring” may be downloaded on “Data download services”. By providing such services and contents, their aim is to cultivate the area for new clients.
ABROADERS is a media for Japanese people who are interested in working abroad. The contents consist of two parts and one is based on interviews of executives working abroad (ABROADERS) and the other is named WEEKLY ABRODERS which picks up articles in a wide variety such as tourism or life living abroad.
“We use each of our websites to dig up potential workers to draw their interest and use ABROADERS CAREER to offer our services. We also have plans to launch new services for Japanese workers overseas so we would like to use these as a platform.”
Mr. Noguchi stated.

The two points that HRBC was useful upon developing the site

When developing ABROADERS CAREER, the CRM HRBC that Reeracoen has been using came in very handy says Mr. Noguchi. Here are the specific points to take count on.
“The first point is that the database is already there, and we did not have to create a new DB for this site. We could use all the information in HRBC and web crawl for the extra database. It was extremely smooth to build. The second point was it was possible to build the site by applying the API, which means less work for the developers on site. Most of the data we needed was already on there so all we had to do was to collect it together. This was very useful once the website was in operation, because all we have to do was to continue our regular marketing activities and all the newest information is delivered freshly.”
To link HRBC and ABROADERS CAREER, all we have to do is flag the data that we want to share, and that data will be through the API. What we do in each of our offices is to flag the job offers we want to share to our group websites, and if that job offer is for Japanese job seekers, flag it to ABROADERS CAREER. “There is no extra task that we have to take time to for linking it with ABROADERS CAREER, because all the core information is in one place it is really easy to manage. We can also spend that extra time that we saved on other core tasks.” Says Mr. Noguchi.
“Before we introduced HRBC, we spent about 15 minutes each day to modify our website, which adds up to seven or eight hours a month. That time can be spent on other tasks now.”
This project was conducted and designed by a developing partner of ABROADERS CAREER. If a corporate already have their own system, it can be difficult to link due to requirement definition and security reasons. But in this case, all we had to do was to make use of the API on the HRBC, the security is already planned when designing the CRM and the linking process is smooth. “All I did was pass on a product specification and handed it to the developing company.” Mr. Noguchi stated.

(Interviewed date: Feb 6th, 2016)

Reeracoen Recruitment Co., Ltd

REERACOEN RECRUITMENT is a subsidiary of Neo Career which is one of the leaders of recruitment consultant agencies located in Japan managed by professional team for HR consulting. The company focuses on matching the right candidates with the right jobs, and in doing that, speed and accuracy are the most important.

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