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echoas Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
echoas Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Data sharing anywhere in the world

“We have been able to improve operational efficiency by utilizing the job seekers automated application called [Web Parts], because resume information is automatically updated to the HRBC.”
echoas Recruitment Mr.Ono

Introducing candidates that have been narrowed down from 100 to 7 best

echoas Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a recruitment agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. They started using HRBC to break away from manually managed and ordinary business practices. We interviewed Mr. Ono about the advantages he has noticed, unique introduction of the system and the training practices they use at the company.

――First of all, please tell us the characteristics and strengths of your company as a recruitment company.

We specialize in Bangkok, Thailand. Although there are exceptions such as referrals from existing clients, basically we do not approach companies out of Bangkok and we offer area-based services.
We have three strengths. First is our registrants screening process. We screen Thai job seekers to 10-15% based on the resume (CV), then narrow it down further by telephone interview, by doing this we introduce carefully selected candidates to our client companies. On average we screen down to about 7% of total candidates.
The second point is we conduct reference check for Thai registrants with their consent, we contact their past workplace, and check the length of years of service, work attitude, salary amount if possible. Because if there is false information on the resume they provided, it will cause trouble to our client companies.

――What is the third strength?

Our third strength is that we have an experienced personnel and labor relation specialist resident. I have experience in both practical and managerial positions in the recruitment industry in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. I am the only active consultant in Thailand with such experiences, and also a licensed social insurance consultant. In addition to being familiar with Asian labor and related laws, we also provide labor consulting incorporating the coaching method. Because we are a small company, we have a sense of speed and have a flexible correspondence. We stick by our candidates and try to find work considering their perspective. Communication with our candidates is in a friendly manner as if communication with friends using LINE app.

――Are most of the companies that are hiring Japanese or local? Also, is there a characteristic in industry and occupational category?

90% of our clients are Japanese, and we specialize in office workers.

――How many employees do you have? Please also share the ratio with Japanese staff.

We have 12 Thai employees, and 2 of whom are Japanese. The average age is 25 to 27 years old, and most of them are interested in Japan.

Achieve efficiency by abolishing manually written resume

――Can you tell us about recruitment in Thailand? How do the HR companies connect with job seekers? Also, what is the average placement fee?

Many HR companies use a recruitment platform called jobsDB to connect with job seekers. There are many cases where registrants increase by word of mouth. In general, the placement fee is 20%, but our company offer our service at 18%.

――Thank you very much. Can you tell as why you decided to adopt HRBC?

We used to manage our data manually, and it was difficult to share the information internally and it was inconvenient. Also, if you are out of the office, you cannot access the data when it is manually managed. We introduced HRBC to solve such situations. The deciding factor was to be able to receive decent customer support from a Japanese company. And that the product was compatible with English. Many of our staff understand English, so it was essential to be able to have an English system.

――Are there any particular points that you feel convenient for utilizing HRBC ?

First, most of the introduction tasks can be done online. In addition, we feel that it is convenient to be able to manage data collectively in cooperation with our own website and system. A frequently used function is the “Web Parts” application which supports the job seekers registration form on website that automatically sends the registered data into HRBC. We used to hand-write the resume, but now registrants can directly input the resume from the website. Since that information is automatically reflected in HRBC, the process takes much less time and has improved efficiency of operations.

Information can be shared with employees who work remotely

――Please tell us how you use the system at your company and what you are devising.

We set the resume screen to our own colorful design. On the first page, we place profile picture, university and the current salary, on the second page we input the latest three job history and salary amount, we submit original design forms to the client using the smart form. Since it covers all the basic information required from the clients, we are able to introduce candidates efficiently.

――Have you been able to realize other things by the introduction of HRBC?

Even if you are not physically at the company, you can see the status and the progress of the projects, the introduction status of candidates, and the status of employees' attendance and work situation. It is convenient to be able to access the system from anywhere in the world, such as when I am in Japan, or on business trips out of Thailand. It is also an advantage that employees working from home can access the system from home and share information. It is very helpful in improving work efficiency and information sharing.

――After the introduction of the system, what kind of training did you provide to your employees to master the system?

Basically, we have trained through OJT. It is bothersome to create an operation manual from scratch, and even if we do, it may not convey detailed nuances. So, employees with experience will teach the new staff directly. The other thing is for them to play with the system, by playing with the system, they will get used to it, and they will eventually remember what kind of function the system has.

――Do you have any requests for HRBC services in the future?

You can access HRBC even from smartphones, but because the screen on a smartphone is small, you cannot see the content properly. We think that it will be more convenient if this point is improved. Also, it is difficult to use the report function and it is not working well with us, so it will be great if you can simplify that as well. In addition, we print out the data we want, and our staff collects and inputs into Excel, for issuing the KPI. It would be nice to be able to complete this whole process on HRBC.
Nonetheless, for daily use we do not feel any inconvenience. Our staff that have joined us from other companies like HRBC system and we will continue to use it.

echoas Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Established in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2013. In November 2015 they began business in Taiwan, and in 2016 and 2017 they opened satellite offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka. They are expanding their business mainly in the ASEAN region.

Address:25 Alma Link Building.,8th Fl., soi Chidlom, Ploenchit Rd,,
Lumpini,Pathumwan,Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Interview with
Mr. Susumu Ono

echoas Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Managing Director