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A shift to HRBC improved productivity

“HRBC is a system specialized for recruitment businesses and therefore it is very functional. The fact that we can customize it to fit our company requirements makes it extremely favorable to us.”
Personnel Consultant Manpower (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Odahara

Events leading to the shift from in-house system to HRBC

■ 3 Points of Recommendation
① Ability to cope with huge amounts of data
② Specialized for recruitment business hence easy data classification and search
③ High customization of the system to fit our business flow

PERSONNEL CONSULTANT MANPOWER(THAILAND) CO., LTD. has the longest history in Thailand as a Japanese recruitment company. In 2011, the company made more than 2000 placements, which is one of the best results in the industry. In addition to that, for eight consecutive years from 2007 to 2015, they ranked the company with the most placements, and they received awards from the Ministry of Labor acknowledging the company’s results. We interviewed Mr. Odahara, the representative of the company, to understand more about their process of shifting to HRBC and the results they have seen since then.

――First, please tell us about your company

We are a recruitment agency established in Bangkok in 1994 and have the longest history in Thailand. At the time of establishment, it was the beginning of a boom of Japanese companies entering Thailand and since then we have built relationships with several thousand Japanese companies. Company representatives stay in Bangkok for a certain period of time then relocate elsewhere, but we are based in Bangkok and therefore we may be more familiar with client companies than the newly stationed representatives. The experience and knowledge of recruitment business in Thailand, together with our long history enables us to understand hiring companies’ needs in detail and provide them with accurate recruitment advice.

――How has the scale of business expanded since establishment?

At the time of establishment, we started with four people, two Japanese and two Thai, but now we have 15 Japanese staffs and 75 Thai staffs, which is about 23 times growth.
――Please tell us the process of implementing HRBC?

When we founded our business in 1994, Windows had just been released and there was no management software. So, at first, we used Microsoft Access to manage our own client and candidate information. Then we partnered with a software development company to develop a management system from scratch specifically for our company and we used that for about 15 years. However, in recent years, it became difficult to keep up with changes in computer performance, and we noticed that the system was becoming increasingly inconvenient as performance declined. At that time, I found out about HRBC which is cloud based and decided to implement it.

――Specifically, what kind of inconveniences did you experience with the previous system?

Slower system speed and limited data capacity. Also, it was not originally designed for a recruitment agency, and the specifications were decided only by the software company and ourselves; therefore some of the necessary functions were not implemented and workflow could not be standardized. Another issue was the high maintenance cost of the system.

――What are your thoughts after switching to HRBC?

I feel that the operating speed of the system has improved significantly. Also, we have a huge amount of job data and candidate data accumulated since 1994, we appreciate that HRBC handles even such a large amount of data. We are able to maintain high performance and I feel that it has become much easier to classify data. HRBC is based on deep understanding of recruitment business and therefore quite a functional system for recruitment business. For example, the organization of Job data and Candidate data, the search function, they make it very user friendly. The fact that we can customize it to fit our company requirements makes it extremely favorable to us.

Maintaining high performance even with huge amounts of data

――Please tell us what features you find particularly useful.

Based on the data entered in HRBC, we can automatically generate candidate profile sheet using smart document. In addition, with the matching function, conducting a search is much easier and by using the search box window it is very convenient to conduct search without transitioning to the search window of the relevant page.
I am also satisfied with Porters' quick and detailed support system whenever we make an inquiry.

――Have you noticed any significant changes since implementing HRBC?

Before the implementing HRBC, each consultant had different data management styles and process. In various occasions, each one was working at their own discretion. However, after implementing HRBC, we are able to acquire detailed data and manage the recruitment process. The quality of the output has improved because the work that had variations among the consultants have become uniform and there are no omissions or oversights in the recruitment process.

――Do you have any requests for future development of HRBC?

In terms of design and UI, it will be easier to look at the calendar if it is color-coded, and also have a UI that makes it fun to operate the system. Since HRBC is a cloud service, it is very convenient to use while in meetings outside the office, however, I think it would be better if we could directly make tap to make calls or send email when using the system on smartphone.

――Thank you very much. Lastly, please tell us your future aspirations.

In May 2019, we launched THAI NIPPON FELLOWSHIP RECRUITMENT CO., LTD. It is a business to introduce Thai candidates to Japanese hiring companies in Japan. Since the manufacturing industry and such are more developed in Japan and the salary is higher, it is a good environment for Thai job seekers. In the future, we plan to use HRBC in this business too.


A recruitment agency established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1994. The company has the longest history as a Japanese recruitment agency, providing recruitment services to both Japanese and Thai companies and job seekers in Thailand. There are many companies that have been doing the same business, Personnel Consultant Manpower (Thailand) Co., Ltd. considers the future of their clients and job seekers while providing recruitment support.
Their company motto being “Always smile”, they strive to make everyone they encounter happy with their work.


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Interview with
Mr. Odahara Yasushi

Managing Director