Map Matching

Are you efficiently matching jobs to candidates?

The SF-map matching service can search for jobs that are within a certain commute time frame
as preferred by the candidate and the matching results displayed on the map.
・This eliminates oversight and omission during matching
・Enables speedy response as compared to competitors
・Increases the rate of job matching by 2.5

Features Overview

Map Matching Feature

  • ・Job filtering function
  • ・Search within XX minutes function
  • ・Search by set items (HRBC items)
  • ・Resume Address information linkage to HRBC

Job Information Display

  • ・Job Overview display function
  • ・Detailed display of Job and client information (HRBC linkage)

Data Collaboration

  • ・Automatic collaboration of data (HRBC data synchronization once a day)
    ※Up to 10,000 cases at a time. If more than 10,000 data synchronizations is done at once, an extra charge of US$ 0.01 per data case will be incurred.

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