Powerful Search and Matching

We bring to you optimal search and match functions
that are tailored for each scene of the business flow.
Through the powerful search and match functions,
all the matched information is considered
without any being left out.

Key Word Search (Text Search)

All text data can easily and quickly be searched from the key word search.
Moreover, the target text can be searched in the attached files and do not necessarily have to be input data.

Field Search (Search for each item)

Field search can be used to perform a search with higher accuracy than key word search. Users can freely add their own search items. Since search target items can be designated, the company system can be adjusted to fit the desired matching style without incurring any customization fee.

Original Search

You can save the frequently used search criteria for each resource, and the saved searched results such as "This Week’s (Today’s) Entries“ or “New Job Description from area X” can be listed up with just one click.

Refine Search

Once a search is completed, if the search result is not the desired, search accuracy can be increased by performing refined search and just add several more criteria to the present criteria.

Matching (Candidate and Job)

Candidate and job can be compared and examined on one screen. With a one page comparison it is possible to pick up the detailed needs of candidate which were hard to find, enabling detailed matching for both candidate and recruiters.
Furthermore, with matching results, mail creation is automated and bulk mail function for candidate recommendation and sending job description makes the process very simple.


  • Search commute route of the matched candidate to the work location by google map
  • Browse LinkedIn and Facebook pages of registered candidates and recruiters
  • Check the other jobs your client has published on Indeed

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