Migrating from another System

We as Porters do not want to burden
our clients with the work of migrating to HR Business Cloud
and for that reason we provide installation support services.
In the process of migration, your current system
will not be disabled for long hours.

Support Services for Migration


When consulting about HR business cloud installation, please let us know the contract status of your current service, the schedule for system migration and number of users for the system.

Define your Requirements

After your application to use our support services, our consultants will present to you a migration plan suitable for your business flow.

  • ・Identification of issues
  • ・Scheduling
  • ・System/Website Collaboration
  • ・Usability (Ease of use)

Installation Support Services

  • ・We prepare the layout of HR business Cloud that is suitable for customer’s requirements
    - Screen layout/PDF・Email template settings
    - Media collaboration/Import & Export settings
    - Others
  • ・Data migration services
    - Full/Part data migration

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