Process Management

Once matching is done, the selection process begins and
all the steps in the process can be recorded.
When a placement is made, sales information is recorded and
an invoice can be created. Refunds can also be managed.
One process is a combination of a JOB and a Resume,
and therefore managing a process is much easier than managing
JOB and Resume independently.

Managing Selection Process

The selection process can be managed according to each company’s flow of operations. You can freely choose the names to assign to each process, and the processes can be used to compute the company’s KPI which can be viewed on the dashboard and on the report function.

Performance Management and Actualizing Work Efficiency

  • ・Past selection processes can be managed and therefore it is easy to grasp the past trends. Since the information can also be displayed on the calendar, it is easy to manage the current processes and prepare for the next action.
  • ・Routine tasks in the selection process such as creation of PDF documents, sending of emails before and after an interview can be pre-set and executed by a single click.
  • ・The selection process can be automatically updated by updating the activity. For example, if you send a Job description to a candidate, you can set the phase of the process to automatically change to ‘Job Sent’.
  • ・A consultant’s progress can be accessed by the number of processes in the various phases of the selection processes such as Jobs sent, 1st interview, 2nd interview within a given period of time.

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