Candidate and Resume Management

All the processes related to the candidate starting from the basic personal information,
resume documents, sending of recommendation emails, interview schedule,
creation of job offer document/invoice can be managed in HRBC.
Furthermore, convenient functions such as data input from job media,
sending of bulk emails contributes to a hassle free workflow.

Candidate Status Management

Registration of Candidate data and Resume, search, addition or deletion functions can be performed easily. Ongoing screening processes and activities can be recorded accordingly and information shared within the company.

Interview Schedule Management

Email templates and calendar functions are linked to HRBC, making it easy to manage interview scheduling.

Resume ( Career Sheet) Output

By one click you can automatically generate a career sheet from a registered resume.
Starting Oct 2017, smart document through which you can richly customize documents by creating colorful designs was made free of charge. Moreover there are multiple basic templates that can be used, and to match your various needs, you can easily create documents with a picture or masked resume.

Inputting Candidate Data from Job Media

Logging into the various job media to acquire candidate data is a cumbersome task.
HR- Business Cloud supports the major job media data input by either application or CSV and data can be transferred automatically. As a result, productivity is improved and time can saved be saved for interviews with candidates.

Details about Media Linkage

Duplicate Check

When the same candidate applies for jobs from multiple media, the duplication check function on HRBC immediately detects the duplicate data which enables prompt data unification.


  • Bulk email
  • Job description mail template
  • Sending multiple job description mail (Compile multiple job descriptions and send to a candidate in a single email)
  • LinkedIn search, Google Map address search and integration with other external services
  • In-house information sharing by mail notification function
  • JOB Matching

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