Client and Job Management

Management of client‘s company information/contract details/
business terms/sales data can be done easily by simple screen
transition. In addition, information such as the record of
negotiation terms, schedules of each recruiter on client side
can be managed easily. Since the system is mobile enabled,
information input and reference can be done anywhere
and therefore Job Description information can be shared
promptly within the company.

Business Lead Management

Just on one screen, all the history of the record of negotiation terms, schedules and all the flow that is related to closing a sale can be managed.With that, you can manage all the information even when there are several departments which are using one system.In the case where the person in charge changes, the background information so far is clearly recorded and prevents information loss due to such a change.

Creation of Job Descriptions

Based on the job information inputted, a Job Description can be created by just one click.
Additionally, a function to create various designs of Job description such as color and lines was made free since October 2017 and multiple free templates are offered alongside. Now ruled and colorful Job Descriptions can easily be created.

Sending Mail Magazine in Bulk

Periodically send bulk e-mail magazines and seminar information to company representatives.
This is an effective function for pushing for job description!

Posting Jobs on Media

With applications or CSV data, a job description can be posted to multiple media at once without manually entering the information to the screen of each medium. Duplicative work can be avoided and both time and effort saved to be used more efficiently.

Contract Management

Rather than managing contracts separately, centralized management makes it easier to issue invoices.


  • Mail template for Candidate recommendation
  • Google map address search
  • Information sharing by in-house notification mail
  • Candidate matching

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