Import and Export

HR- Business Cloud system has advanced CSV import/export function features,
with which you can easily do data import and export of each medium,
data maintenance or linkage with other systems.
It is also evaluated as an internal data base feature.
In addition, every user can do the settings without any additional cost.

Import / Export Overview

In HR- Business Cloud system, anyone can work smoothly with CSV data and therefore improve productivity.

  • ・Import / export settings can be saved and shared internal so that can be used repeatedly.
  • ・When performing import, you can import only the needed data without editing the CSV file.
  • ・With the data conversion function, complicated CSV linkage and data migration can be executed without system development.
    (Compile multiple items, import data by converting data such as work place and occupation code etc, return value and import etc.)

  • ・During import, by setting the 「key word」 to check for duplicate in the existing data, import of new record or overwrite of duplicate data can be done.
  • ・The System Administrator user can check the status of import / export in a list or can suspend the process which is being executed.

Media Import and Export

In HR-Business cloud with the use of applications or CSV, media linkages can be performed smoothly.
In HRBC Agent/HRBC Staffing, CSV linkage settings of various media are done in advance.

Seamless linkage of various media can be done such as upload of exported CSV data from HRBC to various media or the import of downloaded candidate CSV data from various media to HRBC.
For details, please refer to the explanations on media linkage functions.

Data Maintenance and Data Migration

【Data Maintenance】
Target data for maintenance can be exported and after modifications have been made internally, the data can be imported back to HRBC.

【Data Migration】
HRBC user can perform data migration from another system without additional cost.
※In case the volume of data to be migrated is big, or if it is difficult for the user to do migration, we offer consulting
services through our specialized consultant team.

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