API Linkage

Expand Functions, Connect to External Systems
(HRBC Connect API is the developers interface)

With HRBC Connect API, you can easily get data from external
applications and also update data from outside applications.
This will allow you to freely develop existing applications or linkage to external
services, perform seamless linkage with websites and customize applications.

System Linkage

Website Linkage

API enables you to automate information collaboration such as job postings on your website, acquisition of job seekers, and My Page.
For details, please refer to'Website Linkage'.

Linkage with an existing System

All your data, for example inhouse database system, ERP, Accounting system or any other system used in the company can be unified in one place. This enables quick action towards digging up information or inhouse information sharing regarding the status of clients, candidates and staff.

Customize Applications

Functions that are not standard HRBC functions can be developed exclusively for customers. Custom applications such as mail distribution automation application can be used.

Marketing Automation

HRBC has extensive experience in marketing automation tools. These tools make it possible to closely follow up on candidates gathered through the tools and match them to corresponding jobs.


This service works in conjunction with SNS and SMS which facilitate a closer follow-up.

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