Easy Customization

Suitable for volatile business situations.

You can customize almost all the features, such as
items on an input screen, the display items on each screen,
search items, action menu and global menu, sublists,
workflow phases, access restrictions, external applications
and so forth. There will be no expenses for system
refurbishment every time changes happen in the organization.

Screen Layout

HR-Business Cloud (HRBC) has both high flexibility and customization features.
HRBC users can customize input items, option items, action and global menu, sub lists etc.
Customization is simply done by drag and drop operation. Therefore, there is no need to contract engineers to customize the system. HRBC users can construct original and suitable business flow system without making any system development.

Customizing Related Information

The order/positioning of the sublist data and other related information can be set freely.

Customizing Action Menus

The order of the action menus can be changed freely. Menus that link to external applications such as Google Map, Facebook and LinkedIn can also be set.


  • Customization of screen display
  • Customization of authorization settings
  • Customization of data reference and data calculation etc

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